Bravaria Laboratories LTD, we take care that you can have products of the highest quality. For this reason we know that the product you have in your possession is totally authentic.

It is important that you validate the following safety elements in each of our products:

1) Holograms
Each product has 2 translucent holograms that protect the opening of the box.

Inside the box, you will find 1 bottle with label, this label is covered with another translucent security hologram.

2) Unique Product Code.
Within each box of our products, a unique code printed on a paper that has the Bravaria Labs logo and the link to our website is included.

The unique product code can be found on this same page for validity that the product you have is completely authentic and original.

Important note: The security code can only be consulted 3 times, after that amount of inquiries will be marked as non-authentic product. This is done to avoid cloning security codes on various products.

If you believe that the product you have is not original, contact us to validate it directly. Click in CONTACT US

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